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Edison Churches

Experiments in Innovation and Breakthrough

By: Jesse C. Middendorf, Greg Arthur, Megan Pardue, Josh Broward
Produced by: The Foundry Publishing
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About This Product Innovation often brings failure—and that's okay. Using failure to learn, improve, and continue innovating will help keep the church alive in the twenty-first century. That's the message of Edison Churches, which shares the stories of ten faith communities that embraced innovation, learned from their experiences, and forever impacted both their congregations and their communities in the process. God is inviting us to participate in doing a new thing; Edison churches are leading the way.  
"These stories give me hope for the church in North America."
Dan Boone
President, Eastern Nazarene College
President, Trevecca Nazarene University

"Finally! A book about churches that embrace the counterintuitive truth of the kingdom of God: failure. Ours is a movement built on the most epic failure of all time—a crucified Messiah. Only those courageous communities who follow in this way will discover the breakthroughs of resurrection."
J.D. Walt
Vice President, Seedbed
Asbury Theological Seminary

"See how the willingness to dream, experiment, dare, and—sometimes—fail can be the process God uses to help us discover beautiful new ways of being the church."
Rick Power
District Superintendent
Hawaii-Pacific District, Church of the Nazarene

"You may be offended when you read Edison Churches—and that's not bad. This book will open your eyes to see the fullness of leaning into a radical, risk-taking posture of being kingdom churches."
Kevin Mannoia
Professor of Ministry and Chaplain
Azusa Pacific University
Founder and Chair, Wesleyan Holiness Consortium

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