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Resource Kit
Price: $119.99
Wiggles, Giggles & God
A Complete Nursery Kit
Wiggles, Giggles & God is the sort of nursery help that you can use with one baby on your hip, while holding the hand of a toddler and trying to pass out Cheerios for snack time.
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Board book
Price: $9.99
Faith Connections' My Bible Book
My Bible Book is perfect for the church nursery or at home to teach your kids about Christ.
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Resource Kit
Price: $149.99
Tell Me the Story
A New Testament Journey for Little Learners
Tell Me the Story is a one year narrative children's curriculum that is designed to teach New Testament stories to children ages 3-6.
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Price: $14.99
Faith Words for Kids
A Dictionary for Parents, Teachers, and Children
Compiled by: Melissa Hammer
Words. They define us. They amuse us. And sometimes, they confuse us. That's where Faith Words for Kids comes in.
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Sunday School
Price: $89.99
Gonna Make Some Noise! Leader's Resource Kit Spring Volume 1
Spring 2018
A Complete Kids Worship Experience
Gonna Make Some Noise! has everything you need to run successful children's worship services.
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