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We Believe
Articles of Faith for the Global Nazarene Family
Edited by: Frank Moore
In We Believe, Frank Moore has compiled a cosmopolitan, relatable articulation of each of the sixteen Articles of Faith that represent the deeply . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834136595
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Nazarene Essentials Small Group
A 13-Week Study on Who We Are and What We Believe
This guide will enable you to lead small groups through a discussion of 13 relevant topics like meaningful worship, theological coherence, and purposeful . . .See More On This Item
Resource Kit U-620
Price: $12.99   
The Heart of Holiness
Compassion and the Holy Life
Edited by: Carl Leth
Discover what scholars and ministry leaders believe is the place of compassion in the life of holiness. See More On This Item
Book 9780834135185
Price: $13.99   
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Price: $29.99
Mildred Bangs Wynkoop
Her Life and Thought
By: Johan Tredoux
In this well-researched study, Johan Tredoux deftly recounts Dr. Wynkoop's life and contribution to Wesleyan-Holiness studies.
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What Is a Nazarene?
Understanding Our Place in the Religious Community, Revised and Updated
By: Wesley Tracy, Stan Ingersol
The dream that drew the founders together was a believers church in the Wesleyan tradition. It is the same dream that guides the Church of the Nazarene today. But how does that translate into a world where denominational lines don t seem to matter as much as they used to?
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